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WSB Technologies maintains expertise in a number of contemporary technologies and vendor product lines.  We can source off the shelf hardware and software or custom components as required to fulfill project requirements.  Many of our products are service deliverables such as technology assessments, long-range plans, and process re-engineering. 

Our Data Protection Services (Data Protection and DR Planning Services) are built upon established, Internet (aka "Cloud") based backup storage service providers.  These provider functions are significantly enhanced by WSB Technologies processes to ensure your data, security, and business processes are well protected.  Each WSB-Data Protection ServicesSM service delivery is designed to meet specific customer profiles and requirements.  Please contact us for more specific applications and how we can tailor a WSB-Data  Protection ServicesSM solution for you.  Please click Data protection and DR planning services for more specific information regarding our WSB-Data Protection ServicesSM

We offer software development for ground-up application design or for application extensions or "glue" for integrating application components.  Our services have been applied to help with business organization changes; from location startup, through merger and acquisition or divestiture.  By example, a key area of focus for us is document management - to learn more please click  Document_Management

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We can provide on-site, remote or offshore resources to a project as technology requirements, scope, and budget may dictate.  Further, we specialize in orchestrating technology knowledge transfer to your IT staff and users.

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WSB Technologies is proud of our partner relationships with key technology companies. More information may be viewed here: