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WSB Technologies provides Linux, Google, and Windows systems integration, consulting, and training services for business management and information technology. We specialize in networking, directory services, security, cross-platform integration, and high-availability for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Cloud Computing (including Google's G Suite (Business), Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure) both public and private, and many legacy platforms.  Core technology knowledge encompasses infrastructure design, network, server, storage (SAN), operating system, middleware, SQL databases and Business Intelligence (BI), document and content management (WSB Technologies and Document Management), and applications as well as software development.  Please let us know if you are considering refining your environment, or if you may be currently facing other technology challenges.  We can help.  Contact us via e-mail at WSB Technologies or by other means here. Thank you.

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WSB Technologies also delivers enterprise messaging (e-mail, communications) collaboration, database, and document management solutions. Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience with the Microsoft Windows Server family, UNIX, Linux, and legacy systems, ensuring that we are uniquely qualified to plan and execute cross-platform IT deployment and integration strategies.  Wondering if you should be taking advantage of Linux in your infrastructure?  We can help you understand, plan, execute, and support a successful implementation of Linux; to coexist as a full participating member of an existing Windows or legacy infrastructure, or built as-new from the ground up.  With prevailing cost pressures, it is a good time to take the plunge and begin to benefit from the technology and cost advantages of Linux.  As a Novell SUSE Linux partner we are well positioned to help.

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WSB Technologies offers off-the-shelf and custom information technology and IT management training.  Our most popular training offerings include:

  • Seminar: one-to-many, instructor led; general topic knowledge transfer, well suited to mid-management, technical staff and knowledge workers
  • Technical Hands-On Training: one-to-group - instructor led; technically focused thorough topic coverage, interactive, well suited to IT staff training
  • Rollout: few-to-many, instructor led; may include hands on components, suited to large scale training such as for e-mail deployment for medium or large organization

All of our training may be supplemented by contemporary AV, web, and remote learning technologies.