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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions have been raised by both current and prospective customers, industry contacts, or press regarding WSB Technologies.  We invite potential FAQs from parties who would like to contribute to further understanding of WSB Technologies.


Q: Does WSB Technologies limit the scope of operations based on geography?
A: WSB Technologies is headquartered in New Hampshire, USA.  As with many modern technology companies, we generally perform the majority of our work in the geography where we live.  However, our use of technology within our own operations permit a very wide geographic reach.  For systems design, software development, and often even deployment, time on-site may be significantly less than the work performed on WSB Technologies' premises.  For us the delivery requirements of a project - including work location are formally determined on a project specific basis, and managed in close coordination with our customers.  We have successfully delivered projects world-wide; including US, Canada, European geographies, and Asia (Australia, India, Singapore, and New Zealand). 

Q: Does WSB Technologies strive to be "lowest cost" solution provider.
A: Cost management, maintaining budget, and ROI, are among our highest priorities for projects - both for our customers and for our own operations.  However, we do not strive to be the "lowest bidder" for projects we undertake.  Our philosophy is that we will make a fair and reasonable profit on any project we undertake on behalf of our customers while being responsive to customer requirements, competition, and market requirements.  We feel our premium capabilities and methods more than offset any cost differentials relative to other organizations in our industry.  We have worked extensively in the public sector, and have provided volunteer technology services to multiple worthy organizations.