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About WSB Technologies

Our company is Wells Storey Bhasin, Inc.
d.b.a. WSB Technologies

WSB Technologies was formed in 1994 to take advantage of the still emerging technologies around client-server computing generally, and specifically around the integration of Microsoft's Windows Server operating system and related enterprise products with UNIX®, and legacy operating systems such as DEC's venerable VMS® operating system.  WSB Technologies' well seasoned founders; David Wells, William Storey, and Ramneek Bhasin, brought many decades of business, systems, and software engineering expertise to this ever changing technology landscape.

Since then WSB Technologies has been a part of the evolution of many computing technologies, from heterogeneous platform integration to the importance of "cloud" based applications. In today's world, WSB Technologies has managed scalability, availability, and security technology attributes along with on-time and on-budget design philosophies to deploy information systems within virtually any infrastructure.  We have designed and deployed "ground-up" implementations as well as the overhaul of large and long standing infrastructures.

Technology continues to develop at an ever-accelerating rate. Diligently staying ahead of the learning curve in our chosen field, coupled with our experience, ensures lighting practical technology paths for our clients while maintaining a focus on their business environment and longer term objectives. WSB Technologies has successfully helped many of our technology and commercial customers harness technology with appropriate cost. From deploying high-availability and disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical line-of-business Windows or Linux applications; to deploying enhanced functionality from Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server - WSB Technologies maintains a practical, precise, and cost effective approach to the management of today's complex technologies. WSB Technologies is also highly skilled at integrating technology and management skills within and outside an organization to optimally design, deploy, maintain, and support a given technology solution.

It is well proven that process is key to the successful deployment of any complex technology.  Our project methods and tools including plans, task checklists, and deliverables, human factors, risk assessments, and schedules are woven into the fabric of the project from proposal to sign-off. 

IT Planning

Further, technology and process knowledge transfer to IT and operations staff is critical for sustaining successful operations.  WSB Technologies has demonstrated success in technology knowledge transfer via one-on-one orientations, as well as one-to-many formal training courses and seminars.  Our training is focused on a practical, hands-on approach as well as providing an appropriate depth of expertise for the deployment and operations for a given technology solution.