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Document Management

WSB Technologies has been involved with many document management applications across multiple industries and maintains a high degree of expertise in document management and related products.  We can help your organization realize the significant benefits of applying document management technologies and processes to operations.  Whether your goal is to move toward a "paperless" environment, incorporate e-forms, or simply to explore a better and more streamlined organization of records - we can help.  We would be delighted to discuss your specific expectations, requirements, and current document or records challenges with you.  Contact us via e-mail at WSB Technologies or by other means here. Thank you.

The following considerations may be of interest to you when thinking about document management solutions.

You may have experience with many of the operations challenges addressed by Document Management.  Legacy File FolderDocument filing often starts very simply...

More File Folders

...and growing with your operations to encompass a number of legacy folders...

Perhaps you may have stored, maintain, and search for documents within a number of legacy document vaults like these:

Legacy File Vault

Knowledge Worker Document Stack

It is not uncommon to see worker's desktops with backed up filing or research tasks...


Computer view of document folders

Wouldn't it be simpler to let technology do much of the "heavy lifting" for capture, maintenance, and searching for documents and content?


WSB Technologies can assess your current environment and help light the path to deploying a document management solution, tailored to your specific requirements.  We also can help in determining the strategy for importing existing documents as well as laying the groundwork for future documents and processes.

Secured FolderIt is very important in our "cloud-connected" world to harness these technologies to advantage while maintaining security and compliance requirements.  We apply built-in application and system tools such as Microsoft's Active Directory services to ensure appropriate security and user access to documents across your organization.  

Folder SearchWe are well familiar with the business tradeoffs and technical aspects of optimum document capture, search, retrieval, and publishing of documents and e-forms. 

As a consulting and system integration company operating since 1994, we have established partner relationships with key document and imaging technology suppliers, such as FileHold, Kodak, HP, Microsoft and others.  These vendors offer many products well suited to document management applications.

In summary, we work diligently with you and your key staff to establish a specific strategy and highlight alternatives with cost, timeframe and scope alternatives.  Once the strategy is established we can execute the strategy and plans with you.  We supply training to your users and to your IT staff to make sure you are getting the most from the document management solution.

As mentioned, we would be delighted to discuss your specific expectations, requirements, or even challenges with you.  Contact us via e-mail at WSB Technologies or by other means here. Thank you.