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WSB Technologies offers a set of WSB - Data Protection ServicesSM designed to ensure businesses and organizations can recover data in the event of environmental issues, systems failures, software corruption, and even accidental (or malicious) deletion.  The protected data is offsite ("cloud" resident) and can be recovered by your IT staff, WSB Technologies, or any designated 3rd party of your choosing. We have crafted these services from industry leading products and technologies from vendors including Intronis, Google, and Microsoft.    We have supplemented these underlying technologies with common sense monitoring and oversight process and tools derived from our long term experience with backup, business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery.  We can assist you to any degree required to rebuild your IT environment - not just limited to transmitting restore data.  In addition to providing our WSB - Data Protection ServicesSM we are also a Carbonite On-line Backup reseller.

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These data protection services scale well to large distributed organizations and we have designed service tiers for the small to medium business (SMB) operators as key subscribers as well.  In our experience we have learned that many SMB owners and IT staff are fully engaged with day to day operations and not necessarily expert in high availability, or system/site business continuity.  Further, the operational aspects of these services (status, alerts) are readily accessible to IT staff and management for backup and restore operations or monitoring.  

Data Safe In the CloudYour data is safe in the cloud - replicated, encrypted and available to designated personnel 24 hours x 365 days per year.

Your protected data is stored in Intronis or AWS "cloud" data centers (depending on your service requirements).  Your data is always encrypted while offsite or while in-transit to or from your site for security and compliance with regulatory requirements.  The stored data is replicated across a broad geography (usually coast to coast) to ensure resilience and availability in the event of catastrophic environmental events.

WSB Technologies brings unique advantages over subscription based cloud backup services in that WSB Technologies staff will custom tailor your data protection plan and environment to your unique needs.  Further, and unlike most "cloud" backup services, in the event of an outage we will assist you and your IT in restoring the operational status of your systems.  On-site if required. 

 We operate these services in concert with you and/or your designated IT staff member(s) to any degree required.  We periodically perform data restoration to a test area on your server(s) to ensure your data can be retrieved when needed.   Coverage includes core servers (including virtualized), files, and SQL or Exchange application data, and including select desktop or laptop computers.

You will enjoy a predictable budget based on the amount of data to be protected.   You and your designated staff members have direct 24 x 7 access to storage and status via a web portal.

For more detail or to arrange for a specific requirements review.  Contact us via e-mail at WSB Technologies or by other means here. Thank you.

The following considerations may be of interest to you when thinking about data protection solutions.

These services typically replace legacy approaches such as magnetic tape backups and the personnel overhead of physical handling and transport to and from off-site locations while still maintaining direct operations oversight.

Key Features: 

  • Security – Any data will be encrypted before being transmitted from the customer premise.  Data will remain in an encrypted state any time it is not resident within the customer premise – included states include while traversing the Internet and while residing in backup data centers.  The encryption technologies, 256 bit AES, and process meet or any exceed any existing compliance requirements (e.g. HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA).
  • Redundant Data Centers – Your off-site data is stored redundantly in two separate data centers – e.g. Boston and Los Angeles – data is always available
  • Native Exchange and SQL Backup – Backs up live SQL and Exchange data – a Microsoft best practice
  • Advanced Reporting and Notifications You and/or your designees are notified (e-mail) of backup status – including missed, canceled, or completed with errors as well as successful completed backups
  • Backup Seeding -  For sites having more than 50 GB of backup data we will seed the “cloud” backup with a local disk copy shipped to the data center to shorten the “ramp-up” time rather than upload over your Internet connection.
  • Backup Versions - By default your data will be stored having 10 versions and 30 days of retention.  This may be customized such that none of your data is ever deleted.  A Carbonite survey shows that 58% of lost data is a result of accidental deletion.
  • Periodic test restores - backups only have value if they can be readily accessed for restore.  We test to make sure this is the case for your circumstances.

WSB Technologies can assess your current business continuity, and backup environments and help light the path to deploying a cloud based data protection solution, tailored to your specific requirements. 

Secured FolderIt is very important in our "cloud-connected" world to harness these technologies to advantage while maintaining security and compliance requirements. 

In summary, we work diligently with you and your key staff to establish a specific strategy and highlight backup and recovery alternatives considering cost, timeframe and scope of coverage.  Once the strategy is established we can execute the strategy and plans with you.  We supply training to your users and to your IT staff to make sure you are getting the most from your data protection solution.

As mentioned, we would be delighted to discuss your specific expectations, requirements, or even challenges with you.  Contact us via e-mail at WSB Technologies or by other means here. Thank you.